Unlock your door with Lockitron, the future is here!

Ever dreamt of being able to remotely lock and unlock your door at home, office or summer house? Now you can! Lockitron is a system of one hardware component and one software component that enables you to do the above mentioned actions. Apigy Inc. is the company behind this wonderful technology feast.

Never worry about losing your keys, forgetting to lock the door or worrying about your key being copied by a contractor. You can easily lock and unlock your door with the click of a button using your smartphone. To enable one of your family members of friends to get access to your phone just send a SMS and they are ready to go.

Lockitron works with most door locks and promises to give you a comfortable user experience. It is also NFC enabled so, we could see some interesting compatibility with iPhone 5 that is rumored to have NFC technology. I would definitely get this for my door, both because I’m a technology geek but also because I would love to be able to easily open my door without needing to find my keys. Since I use my  iPhone all the time and always have it with me, this would eliminate the need for extra stuff in my pockets. Clearly something worth celebrating! Want to get lockitron? It will cost you about $295, and you install it yourself.

lockitron for iphone

Check it out at Lockitron..

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