Young Drucker Undergraduate

In 2009 Patrick set-up a student led organization with the support of Peter Drucker Academy in Hong Kong, with the aim to teach Peter Drucker´s management principles to University students. The ultimate goal of Young Drucker Undergraduate (YDU) is to develop young social entrepreneurs, with a passion for business and a heart for the world. During the start-up stage of YDU, Patrick was working closely with Mr. Houghton Wan, a social business development coach at Peter Drucker Academy Hong Kong and with Mr. Ivan Leung a University colleague. Together the team developed, planned and executed a training course for University students using Peter Drucker´s books as a foundation. Patrick later produced a workbook to be used by students during the learning process. YDU has now expanded to two Universities in Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

Through out 2009 – 2011 YDU has reached out to more than 80 University students, several of which has been sponsored to attend social enterprise seminars and Drucker conferences in Hong Kong and mainland China. Patrick and Yandy Chan was sponsored by Peter Drucker Academy Hong Kong to attend the annual Drucker youth leadership camp held July 2010 in Suzhou, China. During the conference Patrick and Yandy presented the work of youth in Hong Kong and got valuable insights of the work being done by students in mainland China.

YDU mantra:

“We provide practical opportunities to achieve personal growth in terms of effective management and entrepreneurship for a better society”


Our mission is to develop effective future leaders of positive and innovative social change by providing an interactive learning environment, inspired by the books written by Peter F. Drucker. Commonly known as the “Father of modern management”.


Knowledge and personal development

  • Understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Making good decisions everyday
  • Sloughing off yesterday
  • Contributing your strengths to develop a better society
  • Applying social entrepreneurship to address contemporary social issues

Further learning opportunities

  • YDU annual summer camp
  • Limited seat offer to social enterprise summits in Hong Kong
  • Free tickets to Drucker forum in Hong Kong and mainland China
  • Certification issued by Peter Drucker Academy upon program completion
  • Capitalizing on the greater China Drucker network

The YDU development program consists of interactive learning workshops, self-study of Drucker´s books, peer coaching, seminar and conference participation, workbook practice/self-reflection and internship engagements. A holistic approach to learning and self-development.

“YDU workshops are being conducted by previous participants, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing young people developing their skills and capabilities”.


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