What Took You So Long

Riding camels in Kashgar

In 2010 Patrick became a part of a young documentary film crew (What took you so long), documenting the health benefits of camel milk and local sustainable production around the world. The purpose of the documentary is to explore and understand the usage and health benefits associated with drinking camel milk, to find methods of creating sustainable local production of the milk and cheese to benefit malnutrition people in rural areas. Before departing to Western China, Patrick was in charge of researching the presence of camels in Urumqi and Kashgar. During the travel through Urumqi and Kashgar, he translated Mandarin-English (Areas in which habitants speak Mandarin/Uighur) between the local population and the film crew. After returning to Hong Kong Patrick has continued his support doing research and promotion.

The What Took You So Long Foundation is a team dedicated to filming grassroots NGOs, untold stories, & unsung heroes in some of the more remote corners of the globe. They  screen their work and host workshops & lectures all over the world in order to bring these messages to as many influential movers as possible. Read the Camel blog.

What took you so long?

  • Mission: To film, educate and connect. WTYSL documents and raises awareness of unsung issues, stories and people. What we learn in the field we talk about in lectures, workshops and conferences. We draw on our extensive worldwide networks for collaboration, innovation and creative exchange.
  • Vision: Build film as a medium for social change and something every social business utilizes effectively to send their message to the watching world. Engage, get online and make waves.


  • Discover: Traveling and living with communities, we experience first hand the issues people are facing in less well-documented regions of the world, and hear from the people themselves about the work of people and organisations they feel are making a positive difference to their lives.
  • Document: We document, through film, the lives, experiences and stories of those with whom we travel and stay, providing an online platform and avenue for their lives and stories to be distributed through local and international media platforms and through our sponsors.
  • Network: The WTYSL Foundation is a network for grassroots NGOs and conscientious people to share information, knowledge and skills, providing small NGOs access to experts in the fields of humanitarian work and sustainable development.
  • Inspire: Each journey we hope will inspire other young people to travel with the community in mind, and through the WTYSL Foundation be able to both have a genuinely global mindset and help raise awareness and positive change.

A pack of camels

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