Inspiration: How bad do you want it?

What do you want to achieve in life? Who do you want to be? Who are you? This is what life comes down to. You can spend a whole life time sleeping, watching movies, going to parties, sit in front of the computer. Is that all? Do you want to let your life slip away, day by day, until finally realizing on your last day that you wasted it all? Don’t you want to be ALL that you can be!? Make your life meaningful! Continue reading Inspiration: How bad do you want it?

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Recycling Déjà Vu

Lately I have been blogging for about social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. Read my posts at their website!

When a company, organization or event wants to promote themselves they distribute banners all over the city, or hand out CDs and DVDs with free software or promotional materials on it. But after the campaign, these items become useless. They are thrown away, or stored in locations where they are eventually forgotten. What else could you possibly use these old banners for?

Read the full story here.

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10 wonderful ways to start your day !

How often do you wake up later than planned, feeling tired, unmotivated and hungry? I know how you feel… Mornings are wonderful gifts that must be taken care of and can give you an amazing energy boost to kick-start your day. Imagine waking up with a smile, kissing your loved one, jumping out of bed, having a glass of cold fresh orange juice while the warm sunshine caress your body to the sound of bird song. Imagine how happy and healthy you would feel! The secret is that everyone can experience such mornings you just have to find your personal way. Below is a simple list with easy to do activities for a wonderful morning (Take some time to close your eyes and imagine how each activity would brighten your day, don´t forget to smile). Continue reading 10 wonderful ways to start your day !

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