Paper Trash or Recycled Furniture? That is the Question!


Hong Kong produces roughly 1.8 million tones of paper trash each year. Landfills are running out of space, and only a few people bother to recycle amid a consume-then-throw-away culture. Imagine if you could take all this paper trash and turn it into fully-functional and eco-friendly furniture using the art of papier-mâché.  Continue reading Paper Trash or Recycled Furniture? That is the Question!

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The Future is NOW!


The fourth post I wrote for Check it out!


Ever dreamt of owning a robot that can make things upon request? Now you can. MakerBot Industries makes 3D printers– machines that actually creates products that the user instructs it to make. You may do a double take and ask, WHAT?! Continue reading The Future is NOW!

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10 ways to engage blog readers, get them to return

  • Write from the heart, passionated about and excited. If you are we will be too
  • Interactive voice, speak directly to your readers on a personal level, make them think and question things
  • Dare to be unique, give it your personal touch, humor and stand out from public opinion
  • Provide solutions to problems Continue reading 10 ways to engage blog readers, get them to return
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Teaching for Good

My third post for the


The various ethnicities that thrive in Hong Kong as well as the constant influx of foreign nationals bring about a tough working climate where plenty of issues surface. Having encountered these problems firsthand, a team of young student leaders decided to provide solutions instead of being a part of the problem.. .Read the whole story

Continue reading Teaching for Good

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Eco-friendly Fashion: The New Fad?

My second post for, check it out!


What would you do with an old car seat? Ever imagined using the leather to create stylish bags?

One day Billy Potts walked down a back street in Hong Kong and noticed a pile of used car seats outside a taxi garage. He took a bunch of materials from the seats home and begun making bag prototypes, and Handsome Bag Co. was born. Read the whole story.

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Inspiration: How bad do you want it?

What do you want to achieve in life? Who do you want to be? Who are you? This is what life comes down to. You can spend a whole life time sleeping, watching movies, going to parties, sit in front of the computer. Is that all? Do you want to let your life slip away, day by day, until finally realizing on your last day that you wasted it all? Don’t you want to be ALL that you can be!? Make your life meaningful! Continue reading Inspiration: How bad do you want it?

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Inspirational poetry: Invictus

This is one of my favorite poems of all time. I first heard it recited by Morgan Freeman in the movie Invictus directed by Clint Eastwood. I got goose bumps on my arms when I heard it, it resonated deep within my soul. Invictus is Latin and means “unconquered”.

The poem was written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley, it is just as important today as it ever was. This poem is supposed to be one of the motivations for Nelson Mandela being able to survive his long imprisonment during the apartheid in South Africa.

Continue reading Inspirational poetry: Invictus

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Recycling Déjà Vu

Lately I have been blogging for about social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. Read my posts at their website!

When a company, organization or event wants to promote themselves they distribute banners all over the city, or hand out CDs and DVDs with free software or promotional materials on it. But after the campaign, these items become useless. They are thrown away, or stored in locations where they are eventually forgotten. What else could you possibly use these old banners for?

Read the full story here.

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