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5 Tips for buying a new laptop

So.. it’s finally time to get rid of that old, slow, heavy and somewhat ugly laptop you have been dragging around since you bought it two years ago? Hallelujah. Naturally the question is, How do I find the perfect laptop? You have to figure out a number of things such as; what operating system to use, performance requirements, portability and battery time. Don’t stress! Follow the guide below and you will find a laptop that is right for you.

5 Tips for buying a new laptop:

1. Operating system – Today there are three major operating systems commonly used in laptops around the world. Windows, Mac OSX (Apple) and Linux. Let’s be honest. The most efficient, easy to use and most beautiful operating system out there is Mac OSX, no questions about it. I’m going to tell you why.

Windows; It is the oldest most widely used operating system around the globe, however windows has fallen behind Mac OSX in recent years in terms of innovation and software platform collaboration. From experience I know that windows computers always have problems with going into hibernation/sleep mode, needs to be formatted and reinstalled yearly, does not provide an efficient work environment.

Mac OSX; Since I changed from being a lifetime PC user to an Apple fan two years ago there is nothing that would make be switch back. As the saying goes “Once you have gone Mac, you never go back”. Mac OSX is an easy to use, efficient platform which handles all my daily computer and online requirements without problem. Some people argue that Mac’s are not compatible with a lot of softwares that are available for PC’s. These days this is a false statement, Mac’s have most of the softwares you will ever use pre-installed when you buy it. The rest is usually offered for both PC’s and Mac’s, if not then you can always install a separate windows partition on your Mac. But I assure, you will not need it!

Linux; Are you a programmer? Like working with code instead of point and click? Want to be one of those guys that walks around in sweat pants smelling like cheese? Didn’t think so. Then you are not cut out to use Linux. Just don’t bother… OK?

2. Portability – What is the point of buying a new laptop if it is not portable, right? Now it is time to choose which laptop model you like. Here you  need to think through what your daily usage will be like. Are you mostly sitting down at a desk using it? Then perhaps a large and sturdy model would suit you. Do you walk back and forth to school/office daily and need something that is portable and light? Take a look at the medium to slim models. Always on the move, traveling around the world and spend most of your time in hotels or airports? Choose a super slim laptop like the Macbook air or a tablet. You probably just email and surf the web anyway. Choose a laptop model that suits your life style and usage.

3. Screen size – Size doesn’t matter or does it? Today there is such a wide range of products out there to choose from, you can even choose what size of screen you like. Sizes mostly vary from 8 to 20 inches. Once again you need to figure out how the laptop will be used. Smaller sizes from 8 – 13 inches are highly portable notebooks/laptops, they can perform most tasks such as surfing, writing documents, chatting and watching videos. In the mid range we have the   14 – 17 inch laptops. These laptops can do everything you will ever need and have a greater field of vision. Great for watching movies, making 3D design or playing games. Then there are the behemoths 17 – 20 inch sizes, these fellas are on the borderline of portable/stationary laptops. Perhaps most suitable to replace a stationary computer, unless you are on the quest to increase back strength. It all comes down to personal preference and usage habits. Choose wisely young one!

4. Performance – Here is where most people make mistakes when buying new laptops. For example, my father keep purchasing advanced high performance laptops every two years. He only uses it to send emails, surf the web, listen to iTunes and occasionally use Skype. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that they need powerful high performance laptops when in reality they are fine just getting the lower end version. Perhaps it’s nice to show off all those figures and fancy graphic card names to the people around you, but honestly we don’t care! Leave me alone and let me watch YouTube videos, sir.

5. Price – Money, money, money. For Gods sake don’t go all out when purchasing your new laptop, just get the necessary stuff that you really will use. The sales staff in the computer store will try to sell you all kinds of gadgets and expensive upgrades to you. Be sure to do online research before going to the store so that you know exactly what you want. Only get the software you need at first, if you need more later just go back and get it then.

The prices will vary widely between models, sizes and performance so if you have followed the above steps you should know which price range to look at. Now get out there and start searching for your next laptop, may it be a great one!


Please share with us your personal stories of buying a new laptop. What should others keep in mind? Start discussing below!


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